Estrutura abstrata


Preparation of legal opinions and technical papers concerning subjects of Administrative Business Law.


Follow up of legal alterations and updates on the regulatory field, with emphasis in economic segments in infrastructure, participating in sectorial public hearings promoted by Regulatory Agencies and Ministries.


Assistance in Procedimentos de Manifestação de Interesse – PMI (procedure of interest manifestation or unsolicited ) and Propostas NãoSolicitadas – PNS (unsolicited proposals).


Analysis of calls for bids and administrative contracts in general, with emphasis in sectorial public service concession contracts, as well as public asset usage contracts.


Support in participation in procurement procedures and calls for bids, as well as in the execution of administrative contracts.


Support in administrative claims concerning the economic and financial balance, amortization of investments, contractual prorogations, destination of alternative resources and the return of reversible assets, amongst others.


Assistance in the preparation of private contracts celebrated by public service concessionaries.


Administrative litigation representation through the preparation of defenses and appeals before the Court of Audits and other Public Administration entities.


Representation in alternative dispute resolution procedures, whether before Regulatory Agencies, contending with other regulated agents, or in the quality of interested third party, involving Interfederative Conciliation Chambers, such as the one in the AdvocaciaGeral da União – AGU (Office of the General Counsel for the Federal Government).


Representation in judicial litigation regarding contracts celebrated with the Public Administration, as well as other issues involving relationships between private agents and the State.

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